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Screenshots and Photographs galore! I may not respond, but I do read all comments and note the who behind the favs. Heck, if you've spent time to look at my stuff, I'll do the same for you!




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Tagged by :iconhunter-totodile:

1. You must post these rules (very, VERY Important )
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new
questions for the people you tag to answer.
3. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
4. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
5. No tag backs
6. No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this."
You legitimately (AKA, really, truly with all honesty) have to tag 10 people

------------------------/END PSEUDO-LEGAL STUFF--------------------------

1. Favorite art from dA so far?
Okay, this really depends on the subject, but as of this moment: <image="…">

2. Favorite game(s) currently?
2c)Cave Story
2d)Simcity 4
2e)League of Legends

3. Favorite character from those game(s) and why?
3a)CREEPER   reason: the fandom.  "That's a nice meme you got there, shame if someone overused it."  Also:…

3b)Zia (the Singer...the girl).  Backstory.  Personality. Etc.  Ask me for details on Steam or MSN. (from 8:55-18:12… ) "You weren't kidnapped.  You just had to see what the calamity did to your people."

3c)Misery  reason: There's something surprisingly familar about her postion.  But the reason she tops everyone else in the story is her reveal of her position through cave story.  She has the power to wipe the floor with you, but she doesn't. Granted she still becomes a notable pain through major points of the story, but the way she interacts with Quote (the player character) indicates some form of untold respect from start to the vicious finish.   While looking for her exact quotes, I found a forum discussion that is spot on about her. SPOILERS:…

3d)UMMMM, there's not really any characters...unless you are talking about the Sims you can place in your city to tell you about living conditions, they work as city advisors, except tell you about area specific issues.  That being said, my favorite default sim to use is probably Lars Overdale (Virgo).  That guy tells me everything I need to know weeks before the official advisors say there's a problem.  Guy saved a couple cities I was mayor of several thousand dollars every year just through suggestions.  The other Sims, not so much.

3e)Tristina her quotes and her style. :D I don't have a favorite backstory just yet.   "I WANNA SHOOOOOT SOMETHING~"   "Look at the pretty explosion"  "Is that a rocket in your pocket?"  * MANIACAL LAUGHTER* "Awww did you fall down and go BOOM?" *dance dance SPIN*…

4. You run (literally) into the character(s) from question 3. WHAT NOW.
4b)Zia  (Despite being my favorite, she never really came across as someone I would run into, even fictionally. Though if I must, it'd be preferred to be post-evacuation ending.)  That's a nice Bastion you got there, same if someth- *pauses* ...nevermind, it looks like your place got messed up.  I'm sorry, I'm really into dark humour.  Let me start over, I'm Bubbles the Lionhearted and I have a nack for instruments.  Oh, manners suck...I don't believe I caught your name?
4c)MiseryPre-cave story: RUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!  Post-cave story: Wanta duel?  Post-good ending: *fistbump*  This is my homie right here!
4d)Lars Overdale  Have I ever told you how strange of a name you have?  Also he's 50,000 simleons.  It's about how much you saved the city over the past 3 years.  Don't worry, that's from my personal paycheck.  Let's hit up Custer Foods. (that restaurant is the McDonalds of Simcity)
4e)Tristina Wanta fall down and go BOOM? *SHOT*

5. You are now in Brennenburg castle (look it up if you SOMEHOWWWW don't know it). NOW WHAT. D:

6. What is your favorite animal? (Mythical and Real) Whyyy?
Mythical...this one is subject dependent, but as of's been elves.  Not santa's elves.  Good heavens no.  It's more so because if I had to be a mythical creature.  I'd probably want to be an elf since I can relate to the common portrayal of their love for living in/near forests, intelligence-seeking, ranger-combat preference, and also desire to be selective with who they take in sort of nature.'s a tie between the falcon and the Wolf.  I have a thing about hunters with a tactical edge.   I love how the falcon does a sprial dive unto it's prey and can often kill the smaller prey with just the impact of it's claws ramming the prey.  And in the rare chance it does survive, well...the force they can apply with their talons is always lethal.  Wolves I love because of...EVERYTHING...the tail...the ears...the beauty, the ranking, the way they communicate/interact, their coordinate to take down prey together, how they manage when alone.   Just EVERYTHING.

7. And now what's a pet you've always wanted/have and love?
Abbie, my austrilian Border Collie

8. Favorite song currently?
foa by Minis…


10. What's one of your favorite quotes currently? (famous or from a friend or game or something)
Lawrence: Aren't you being unfair?
Horo: It's a girl's specialty, isn't it?

(my reaction...mental flip off...actual reaction: smirk and let out a humored snort)
Spice and Wolf...good stuff.

------------------------/END QUESTIONNAIRE--------------------------

I tag: EVERY WHO READ- *reads rules* I'll get back to this later

who would satisfy this tag
must answer me these questions ten (question stealing):

1. your favorite colour?
2. your favorite art from dA so far?
3. your favorite song?
4. You've been challenged to an open-ended no-holds duel.  In what style and tactics would you use?
5. Turns out everything in question 4 epically failed and your opponent is set and ready to finish you, what is your final maneuver?  
6. WHO or WHAT is your favorite personality?
7. WHO are your favorite characters across all media as of now?
8. Guess what? Your response to the situation in question 5 was the counter-riposte to your opponent's finisher.  How do you progress from here?
9. If there's one thing you wanted your favorite person (unrelated to question 6 & 7) that they aren't already doing, what would that be?
10. If there's one story from a game/movie/book/fan-fiction that you would recommend your friends to go check out, what would that story be?
  • Listening to: Trombe! Override Theme
  • Reading: Spice &amp; Wolf Vol. 4
  • Watching: Madness 7.5
  • Playing: League of Legends
  • Eating: Skittles. Don't be surprised if I puke rainbows
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew Game Fuel


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